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I am always snapping away with my iPhone. The kids, the dog, the wife. The kids, the dog and the wife all at the same time if they ever stop moving. The street, the beach, the ocean. One leads on to the other where I live, its fab.

Anything is fodder for my iPhone lens and only occasionally am I particularly particular about what I shoot. Most often I know if the shot is interesting, I can tidy it up later while watching mindless rubbish on tv.

Mindless rubbish includes reality cooking shows where the back story is more dramatic than the food produced, or any variation on the reality theme: renovation, losing weight, putting on weight, survival and dating.

TV which I will put my iPhone down for includes fantastic drama such as Broadchurch, Dexter (season 4 and earlier obviously...what were they thinking?), Breaking Bad and Stella.

passion for passion

I will never post a raw photo. They are just not good enough to take a second look at. Not that the iPhone is incapable, just that I am. The apps I use to process, manipulate and sometimes muck about with are as follows:

Repix for image manipulation and sparkles. A lovely app which makes it very easy to brighten up and add colour and joy to any photo.

Enlight filters, blending and artistic brushwork effects.

iDraw to resize, crop and title the image. I'll do this on an iPad or more often than not a mac mini before uploading to the site.

I use the raw camera to take the photos, I've tried other photo taking apps but I honestly can't be bothered tinkering with the image effect before taking the photo. I don't see the point and would rather quickly snap away and post shot effect rather than risk losing a composition.