Tilly2Tone Says
what shall we watch next

I love TV.

I am not afraid to say it. But I should qualify it.

I love quality TV.

I realise and accept quality is subjective. One person’s reality TV is another person’s…

utter shiteness of boring dramatically edited and manipulated crapleek

I do not sit on the fence when it comes to my opinion on reality rubbish. I am not ashamed to say tilly2tone will no longer watch it…with me in the room. I complain too much.

Whine. Moan. Sarcastically comment. Sigh exasperatedly.


But it offends me. I realise I am high and mighty on this subject. I object to the total and absolute dumbification of prime time television viewing. There is no other genre option between seven and ten pm.

If I have my screenwriter head on, which I often do, the leads, the setup, the manipulation is blindingly obvious. It irritates me.

It is not reality. It is interfered with. And behaviour changes when it’s being watched.

Or scripted.

The time spent editing the gigabytes of digital content must be humongously humongous. The volume and variety of scenes filmed allows for any potential story arc to be employed. Each contestant/ participant/ protagonist/ good guy/ bad guy/ fall guy/ poor guy has a role to play and a storyline to fulfil.

  • Obese; fat; thin.
  • Chef; cook; freezer raider.
  • Soprano; shower warbler; strangled cat.
  • Laugher; crier; extremifier.
  • Somebody; nobody; wannabe.

I’ll take a wild uneducated guess, but I suspect applicants are auditioned and casted. Their personality, backstory, appearance, mental health all meticulously considered. The mix of background, education, ability, morality essential for a twisting plot.

A lot of effort is made playing to the easily pleased viewer. A commitment that repays with loyalty, comment, interaction.

Repeated votes.

I’ll watch it. But only if I’m allowed to ridicule.

I am that shallow.

I am that critical.

I am that bored.

anything but mastershite

tilly2tone and I typically get to sit on the settee about 8pm. Tea is finished and the mess cleaned up. Kids are in bed and asleep. A cup of tea has been made and the cupboards searched for the last remaining chocolate biscuits.

We will binge for a week on a season of drama. Jumping on the bandwagon of whatever streamed content is trending.

We are currently enjoying 30 days free on two streaming services just available down under.

Netflix and Stan.

Both offering different content. Both services we will subscribe to once the trials are over.

We’ve just completed seasons one and two of The Fall. And season one of Better Call Saul. Both consuming drama. Penetrating our cosy lounge with anxious atmosphere. Keeping us up late to watch just one more episode before bed.

Addictive viewing and not a single interruption.

DSI Stella Gibson pursuing her serial killer through the streets of Belfast. Human emotion and conflicted judgement. And that’s just Spector’s wife.

Watching Saul save himself but faltering in the final episode. I already want Jimmy to lead a different life to Saul Goodman. He’s charming and loveable and you would expect him to do anything for a mate. Season two already anticipated and trending. did you just drop a spoiler?
no, we all know jimmy becomes saul one way or another

We haven’t decided on next week’s show. But it will probably be Stella. A Welsh girl in a Welsh valley making do. Where family is to be protected, and loved, and forgiven no matter the emotional turmoil or upset. my long lost terribly missed out of reach home

And when the season ends, and the streaming stops, maybe we can look at each other and discuss the show.

After checking facebook of course.

I don’t see a future for terrestrial television. I dont know what content they could offer where I have to schedule my TV viewing to theirs.

I am generation X and have welcomed the evolution of TV. How can a programmed channel hope to retain or even gain the viewership of today’s kids. A YouTube generation of demanding instant gratification mobile subscribers.

RIP terrestrial TV. You served the eighties well; struggled in the nineties; and faultered in the noughties.

Welcome to my living room streaming services. You are most welcome. I didn't know I was missing you until I tried you.

Leek o x o


If you would like to employ me to…

  • review any reality show for your publication
  • blog the virtues of Saul Goodman
  • impress the economics of subscribed streaming over torrenting
  • promote your 80" oled hd 3d connected flat screen after using it for a month

…I would be thrilled to do so.


Expect sarcasm. Disgruntlement. Humour. And flippancy.

Off topic. Honesty. Emotion. And attention.

In other words I’ll be me.

put your ipad down Leek o x o {now go and listen to something lovely: the ink spots address unknown}