Tilly2Tone Says
stop procrastinating

I procrastinate.

I am frequently distracted.

I allow myself to wander in my head; or online in the browser; or to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Ignoring the digestives if my willpower is strong.

Will power strong in this one it may be.yoda - not sure which episode

I am easily distracted.

I visit TripAdvisor for unusual accommodation to stay in on our next big holiday. Still some 2 years down the track. So far an old harbour masters town house 15 miles south from the Orkney Island ferry.

I look at the sky to be distracted.

I check the local weather. The weather in my home town. The weather in our next holiday destination. Seasonal weather in our next holiday destination. Historic weather for the month we are travelling to our next holiday destination.

I plan ahead. Long term. Short term. It's all the same. Distracted.

I do considerable research before buying anything. I look for the best reviewed butter pancake recipe to make Sunday morning for the kids. I pop out to the corner shop for homemade raspberry jam so I don’t forget for Sunday. I might buy the lemon drizzle sponge cake freshly made this morning by Meg the owner. It’s not a franchised corner shop. It’s unique. It’s loved.

Bookmarks offer regular distraction.

I read my favourited blogs. I view them on my iPhone, my iPad, my Mac Mini. I notice how responsive they are. How their font displays on the smaller screen. I compare with mine.

Local events; worldwide dramas; celebrity tweets; all a distraction.

I read the news; follow Twitter trends to their source; comment on Instagram photos of those I'm following.

A distraction in lyrics. A hook I'll play over and over and over...headphones on; head back; tea in hand, 1 sugar, strong; distracted.

I explore Spotify for accompaniment while working. Choosing a mood mix to reflect what emotion I need to write in.

and get on with it

I like to procrastinate.

I allow myself to get distracted. I encourage it.

Distraction provides ideas, and topics, and argument. I’ll hear or read a small bit of something, and pounce.

I'll write a paragraph in my head. Revise and repeat it until the rhythm I crave is heard. Then I'll put fingers to keyboard and type before it’s forgotten.

I've had too many experiences where I've written lengthy phrases in my head and not bothered to write them down. And when I am able to, the rhythm, or the impact, or the sentiment has been lost in a forgotten word or misplaced beat.

The thread then continues until I finish, get bored, or end up lost. And again I’ll seek further distraction.

But this is what makes me a writer.

It’s allowing myself to be led down the garden path. Passed the lavender vibrating with bee activity and through the rusting gate. Out onto the street. Walking to its end and turning left rather than the usual right.

Detouring through the graveyard. Down the lane I’ve always contemplated but never taken. Stopping to pick some blackberries. Jumping the farm’s boundary fence. Walking across the freshly ploughed field to another lane I’ve never seen before. There something waits.

A new paragraph.

Or the beginnings of one. Or an idea for one. Or maybe just another jar of raspberry jam.

But tilly2tone, I'll still procrastinate all I want.

we need to go shopping Leek o x o {now go and listen to something lovely: jackson browne these days}