Tilly2Tone Says
why not write more

Im always wearily wary of writers block.

  • Where are the next ten pages coming from?
  • What if I have nothing left to say?
  • Nowhere else to explore?
  • Every issue has been resolved?

How can I wring an extra paragraph or by some miracle page from each scene taking place? What level will I sink too to enable that word count to creep towards the target? There are few worthy compromises that can be made when stretching the imagination, and the following are the least worthy of all.

What if I compromise a character by making him say something that I know to be inappropriate, added to pad out a scene with monotonous conversation...

"Would you like a cup of tea? No thankyou I would not like a cup of tea. How about a coffee? No thankyou I would not like a cup of coffee. Its nearly lunch time, chardonnay? Yes!".

Should I start materialising objects or furnishings into a scenario to give me the opportunity to describe or interact with them...

"He remembered the daffodils were unusually yellow that past spring and they had brightened up the old place splendidly. This year they were a little duller, or was that just his cataracts taking hold."

"He had just installed PVC double glazing and the traffic passed silently outside the bay window, and, for the first time in years, he could listen to his favourite classical piece in peace."

"The yellow stained shag pile rug which the dog liked to piss on when his owner was out had finally been replaced, leaving the dog feeling somehow dejected and inconsequential when furnishing decisions were being made."

cos life gets in the way sometimes

But then I spend some time reading something mundane or prolific; listening to something mediocre or consuming; watching something forgettable or engrossing, and something inside my head snaps, crackles and pops. An emotion or a memory suddenly takes hold and a conversation in my mind explores the possible scenarios of what caused it. Unfortunately, this mostly happens eleven thirty at night when tilly2tone is fast asleep and Im flat on my back staring at the ceiling with the iPad just out of reach. I repeat the idea over and over in my head in an attempt to remember it in the morning. I dont. I typically forget it. I have written and possibly forgotten potential pulitzer prized novellas outlined late at night, dreamt away with exhaustion and utter blackness. Oh, and a very poor memory.

I also have a tendency to start something which often free flows off at a tangent and that snapping, crackling and popping begins in my head and a disparate idea spawns itself onto the electronic page. Then I begin to think...

"well that idea is somehow at a tangent to what Im writing here, lets side track briefly to expand on that to see if it can be turned into something worth pursuing, so lets create a new file, cut that paragraph into it, name it accordingly and explore a little with gumption."

Ok, so Im not that verbose in my thinking, heres what I actually think...

"That's bloody good, Im excited and interested by this, potential monetization of idea, pursue, pursue, pursue."

I have a folder called sideTrackedIdeas with countless files in it. All bits I've removed from other projects which I've categorised as --expandable when time allows--. And I have to say its a useful, constructive and rewarding process, but, very distracting. Its what I am most passionate about when writing though, so I encourage myself to do it. When I'm writing something, and I catch myself smiling, I trust my judgement enough to know its worth keeping. So if it wants to wander down a narrow lane lined with leafy oaks and green edges, I put my new shoes on and I bloody well follow it. That narrow lane might have brambles with ripening blackberries, the sun might filter through the fading summer greenery of the trees, there might be fresh road kill every 100 metres or so. What ever it is, in my experience, every narrow lane leads to somewhere. And I've been down quite a few to know.

for better or for worse Leek o x o {now go and listen to something lovely: paolo nutini new shoes}