Tilly2Tone Says

Other names for this blog site which I imagined included rejected titles such as:

  • wheresmyleek.com
  • didustealmyleek.com
  • and my absolute favourite which was a contender up until the click to buy - isthataleekinmypocketnoimjustgladtoseeu.com

Slightly humorous in a Carry On Benny Hill kind of way. And memorably catchy. But it was still a little long for the nonliterate segment of the population pie who might visit.

And why would they be visiting if illiterate? And is that last sentence in any way recognizable as being literate? It's also cumbersome to read out aloud if I'm ever trying to promote this website on a popular midday radio programme.

So leekrarebit.com it is.

Like it or grill it.

Still with me? Ok. Then lets all persevere and test our attention span together; yours to remain interested with what your reading, and mine to be occupied by what I'm writing.

My partner in life, lets call her tilly2tone to reflect her character and for the intrigue of anonymity, cattle prodded this creation into life. However weak it's current heartbeat may be. I'm sure she will have to defibrillate in the coming months.

Other monikers which I came up with for her but she rejected included:

  • Tilly Says Relax
  • Tilly the Hun
  • Tilly of the Armada
  • Tilly Elliot
  • and my absolute favourite and still a contender at risk of limb only - You Think That People Would Have Had Enough of Tilly Love Songs. Why that? Well listen to the lyrics, because I love her … and Wings, and McCartney, and the Beatles … but mainly her. But its just too long, and it's acronym anagrams to THTT WHO YELPS! Well its the best I could come up with.

My current dilemma is the length of each article, and in fact I had this discussion last week with my love. tilly2tone said she had chatted about this over coffee with her female colleagues only the previous week. They all agreed to conclude that while 6" was too small, 12" too big, and 9" was about perfect, its what I did with it that counted.

A confusion of topics came to mind and I didn't know which way I should take this.

Straight up is my preference.

So I reminded her that she should be grateful for small mercies, great things come in small packages, and that one in the hand is worth two in the bush. In retrospect, I may have contributed to the confusion of topics and therefore didn't plead my case very well.

A hand or bush is always welcome but never to share … and like I said, straight up is my preference.

Like tilly2tone and her colleague's expectations, I will strive each time to reach 9", but may have to settle for less if inspiration, tiredness or alcohol inhibits my efforts. 9 inches is about 1000 words for those who are still utterly confused, or lost in the innuendo.

Innuendo is not typical of this blog. Neither is smut, filth or obscenity.
That should raise the google rankings a little

kick back

For the geeks amongst us and those who only pretend to know what a red shirted trekker's immediate future is, (its very short), I am currently using the following for this site:

  • wordnik.com - for those times when I am literally lost for, um, oh yes words
  • iA Writer - for those times when I am literally brimming with lots and lots and lots of words, albeit repetitive ones
  • anyblogsite.com - for all those other times when I have no inspiration and plagiarism is a valid and justifiable option
  • joomla.com - for all that is behind this website

And that's enough of techy geekdom, this is not an IT based blog. But opinions and irritations of an opinionated and irritating male member of the species. Just be thankful you are merely a reader and not tilly2tone who has to live with me.

A little about why I am indulging in this activity. I could be promoting world peace; saving the rain forest (is that still on the agenda); or taking my children fishing for another neurosis they are likely to inherit from the shallow end of my gene pool.

Motivation is simple; boredom. Boredom of the day in, day out monotony of office life, politics and repetition. Boredom that has sent the majority of my brain on permanent holiday, overseas, with no return ticket. Boredom that promotes me seeing hallucinations from my office desk.

Of creeping shadows, fallen angels, and self worth.

I sweep my desk each evening of spent brain cells; tired, resigned, atrophied, abandoned. And if I don't act now, tomorrow night there will be more on the desk than left in my head. I am grateful for my job, and others educated me considerably for it - so do-gooders back off, but I am bored with it, and education has educated me into a corner. The formula being:

education = good job = well paid = accustomed standard of living = educated into a corner

My only hope is to exercise my brain with other challenges, one of which is growing this collection of posts. I offer you my regret that they are not here to provide entertainment to the visitor. But to selfishly build a refuge and safe harbour for those brain cells which are threatening desertion, but have so far remained loyal.

Those that have already found comfort by disassociating themselves are, unfortunately, beyond my help.

Other embarkations to encourage loyalty and provide reward include research in how to succeed in citrus tree fruition; understanding the manual operational possibilities of my digital camera; and further work pinioning my belief that tilly2tone's mood swings can be predicted accurately and timely.

By now I estimate in length that I am firmly placed midway between 6" and 9" and therefore time to conclude this post. I would provide an accurate measurement but I have no ruler, inclination or incentive to do such a self depreciating thing.

Thank you for stopping by, and wading through to the end.

Please tell your friends if you enjoyed, your enemies if you didn't, of the 8" you found online this day in your life.

Check back soon for more growth.

and stuff yourself Leek o x o {now go and listen to something lovely: ben folds still fighting it}