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tilly2tone says

Sweeping my desk clean each evening of fallen brain cells and Tilly's questions. There are far too many lost to worry about, and far too few remaining to begin now.

Tilly2Tone so named because of her love of grey scale when it comes to fashion.

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every day i wake up i thank the lord im welsh

Tonight, at least in my world, is the final match for Wales in Pool A of the Rugby World Cup. It's against Australia. tilly2tone is Australian. I am not.

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rydw i'n hoffi coffi

I have the feeling of hiraeth every day. It's a word every Welsh person will understand if they have ever left Wales with little hope of returning. There is no literal translation. So here is my interpretation and what it means to me.

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what shall we watch next

I love TV.

I am not afraid to say it. But I should qualify it.

I love quality TV.

I realise and accept quality is subjective. One person’s reality TV is another person’s…

utter shiteness of boring dramatically edited and manipulated crapleek
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stop procrastinating

I procrastinate.

I am frequently distracted.

I allow myself to wander in my head; or online in the browser; or to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Ignoring the digestives if my willpower is strong.

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why not write more

Im always wearily wary of writers block.

  • Where are the next ten pages coming from?
  • What if I have nothing left to say?
  • Nowhere else to explore?
  • Every issue has been resolved?

How can I wring an extra paragraph or by some miracle page from each scene taking place? What level will I sink too to enable that word count to creep towards the target? There are few worthy compromises that can be made when stretching the imagination, and the following are the least worthy of all.

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why are you playing christmas songs in october

I love Christmas.


No I don’t.

I love the lead up to Christmas. The actual day usually falls far shorter than what I imagined it could be. And I've had 45 of them and none have fulfilled my dream Christmas Day. So I should have learnt by now from other lessons in life. But I keep dreaming, and hoping, and saving.

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its nearly happy birthday

My damn life got in the way again and this correspondence is so overdue it might as well have been posted in the 19forties without a stamp. Even striking postmen or postwomen (do postwomen strike?) couldn't have delayed it for much longer.

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Other names for this blog site which I imagined included rejected titles such as:

  • wheresmyleek.com
  • didustealmyleek.com
  • and my absolute favourite which was a contender up until the click to buy - isthataleekinmypocketnoimjustgladtoseeu.com
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