Molly Va Moose

Molly Va Moose the Meme was created in October 2014 after reading spurious reports about the profitability of trending moody felines. I had an idea to take the meme one step further to a templated format, and to produce frequent quality content using my iPhone and iPad. I have thousands of family photos - pets, kids, and days out that I've taken over the years and which continues to grow by the hundreds each month, so imagery content is never a problem.

Each meme had to be very quick to produce, using a flexible template I could start from each time. A meme normally takes me around 3 minutes to create and upload to the various social media platforms I use for promotion. I always manipulate the images I use, either to saturate the colours, add filters and sparkles or to obscure young faces.

All of this is done on an iPhone or iPad. The apps I use are as follows:

Repix for image manipulation and sparkles. A lovely app which makes it very easy to brighten up and add colour and joy to any photo.

Halftone 2, a comic book app to create each meme. I've created two templates in here which are the foundation of every website and social media meme. The memes have different layouts as I wanted the social media memes to be smaller in size and easier to provide textual content for when jumping on a hashtag trend.

About Molly

Molly Va Mouse, more commonly known as Molly or actually just Moose, is a beautiful 12 year old English Cocker Spaniel. She has a golden tan colour with an almost blonde white mohican and still runs around as if she were a puppy.

She lives in Western Australia with her family, and she spends her days slumbering around the back garden. You can find her each night in one of the kids beds and she will stay there until her sleeping buddy wakes up.

We keep her fur very short in the summer months to help keep her cool and she grows it quite long in winter to keep her warm. We always leave a little blonde mohican on top as we think it looks cute and she doesn't seem to mind.

Read more about Molly on her website

Where to Find Molly's Memes

Molly uploads a new meme on her website where every meme is unique and different. Inspiration for her memes are usually based on her moods and anything going on in the household or garden at the time.

Molly and Social Media

Molly tweets on twitter usually multiple times a day. If we fancy a trending topic and can think of something witty, responsive, deep or stupid we'll jump on the topic and tweet away.

Molly also has a facebook page where she uploads new memes every day. These are also different to those uploaded on her website!

And finally Molly blogs on tumblr, a beautiful, colourful space to visit.



If you would like to get in touch, please contact me for a chat.
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